Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanksgiving to Birthdays

Thanksgiving Day Kelly hosted Thanksgiving Dinner, I did not get any good photo's but the one of Vivian and yes we are thankful for her!
The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas flew, JWCI had a Christmas party at the Bronson Strike Zone (one of the buildings we have built). What a lot of fun bowling and food.
As we have all worked for the business at one time or another the whole family was at the party.
Next we were onto the St. John's Christmas program. Mr. Alex was a cow and
Miss Hannah was a wise man along with M & M. Cookies and punch followed the program
Christmas day, we started in Kalamazoo at Steve and Nikki's - Steve made breakfast, pancakes, yum.. I really like pancakes (how funny). I think they are comfort food :) Then to Kelly's with Dad and Mom, I did not get a good picture, I tried to get one of generations but it was a bit blury. Then home to hang out with Dad and Mom for a bit.
The next day Steve and Nikki came down from Kalamazoo to Kelly and Sonny's and the cousins all got to hang out. I have all these silly hats and I tried to get the kids together all wearing a hat, not such an easy task.
The next day all the Stuck's got together for a light lunch and Christmas gifts for the young children. We did a crazy gift exchange for the adults.
Ramie and I headed to FL but we stopped in Georgia at the Little White House.
Ramie sitting by FDR statue...
Here we are we split the difference and celebrated Vivian's first birthday and Alex's fourth birthday the last weekend in January..
Alex blowing out his candles - 4 years old.
Alex opening gifts, Aunt Nikki asked what he wanted and he said macaroni and cheese, so that's what he got.