Monday, May 10, 2010

Grandparents Day

Friday we went to Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School and saw Josh and Alyssa in the Grandparents performance.

Josh was more into the singing this year than he was in previous years!

Alyssa sang in the program for the first time this year. She is in kindergarten. She yawned a lot! I am guessing she was either tired or stressed. (Her dad says she was sick on Sunday so that may have been the problem).

They both did real good jobs with the hand motions and the singing.

The upper classmates put on a skit.

Josh and his friend were talking quite a bit.

What a nice program. Thank you Josh and Alyssa for inviting us to your program and Art Show!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Little Bella, after having her for about six weeks we know how sick our little Dolly was. Bella is a spit fire of energy and keeps us on our toes. Hannah, Alex, and Vivian after church but before they mess up their clothing!
Miss Vivian getting ready for church and showing Grandma how well she can stand by herself.

Miss Vivian getting some breakfast and then a bath..

Ok mom, do I want to eat this? Check out the highchair - many Stuck children have set in this highchair, my sister JoAnn was the first when she was born in 1959.