Friday, October 2, 2009

Vivian had her second sleep study last night (October 1st). Kelly phoned on her way to U of M and said she (Vivian) is crying so hard and there was nothing I could do to help. It is hard for young mom's to drive and listen to their babies cry.
The study will not be official until the Pulmonary doctor reads the test, but the tech told Kelly not much had changed since the first study on August 2nd. Vivian has many periods of apnea a night. Her tonsils and adenoids are small and not causing a problem at this point according to the Ear Nose & Throat Specialist at U of M.
Here is a picture of all the grand children from last weekend. Josh was some sort of fighter, Hannah was Jr. Miss America, Olivia (grandniece) was a kitten, Grant (grandnephew) was a Lobster, Alyssa was an Army person, Alex was a robot, and Vivian was a Hula Girl.

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  1. You're right, it is soooo very hard to listen to babies crying in the car with no possibility of soothing them! I made the trip from NW Indiana to Ann Arbor when my Mom was in the hospital there that last time and it was sheer torture. I think my kids always cried in the car though!
    Little Viv looks great! I love the rolls on her arms & sweet & precious. I'm really drawn to Alex's costume though...he looks great!
    I hope your week goes well, Leslie