Friday, June 25, 2010

Hannah had her annual Gymnastic Recital on May 26th She is amazing and improves with each year.

Memorial Day we went to Steve and Nikki's and had lunch. What a rainy day. It rained all the way to Kalamazoo and stopped just as we were getting to their house and started up again just as we were leaving for home. Hannah and Josh are always glad to see each other.

Here are the four grandkids wondering if they are going to be fed!

Alyssa and Alex goofing off

On June 11th - Hannah's Tae Kwon Do Class did a presentation at the Cancer Walk at the Sturgis High School Football field

Here she is breaking a board with her foot..

Miss V - Trying to put a puzzle together but mostly looking at the pieces.

She is so cute - and into exploring since she started to walk

or, help Grandma!

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