Friday, August 27, 2010

For the past 23 years Ramie and I have gone to Oshkosh, WI to the EAA Airshow during the last week of July - first week of August. The airshow was actually our honeymoon destination. This year during the week leading up to the trip our cat Molly was sick and I took her to our vet on Thursday night, when he gave her a shot she bit me and the next day it was swollen and red and starting to get red streaks. When I took her back for her second shot he said you need to see your doctor. So Molly went home and I went to the doctor. I got a tetanus shot and horse pills to take for the next ten days but the bite cleared right up!
We have had so much rain this summer. The same for WI - the week leading up to the trip had rained almost everyday. We camped at a different campground this year within walking distance of the airshow but it was a mud pit. When we arrived there were three motor homes stuck in all three driveways. Needless to say we had a big four-wheel drive tractor pull us into our site. Once we were set up we walked and road bike for the next four days. What a fun time..

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